Powder Coating Companies in Yorkshire

Over the last 40 years, industrialisation has certainly diminished in the North of England. In days gone by the region was the envy of Europe when it came to engineering prowess, adaptability, resourcefulness and standards.

wet spraying- red panels


Whilst the picture is somewhat bleaker today there are pockets of engineering suppliers that are still operating at the highest level. One such area is related to powder coating.

The main powder coating companies in the region are:

  • Batchglow
  • Express Coaters
  • Meadowhall Powder Coaters
  • Colour Pro
  • RA Peateys
  • JK Powder Coating
  • M&R
  • Thornix

Whilst competition is healthy, with each service provider stating they are the best. The truth is all of the companies listed above will provide a satisfactory level of service. The main difference being Batchglow, they are the only supplier of powder coating solutions for MDF in the United Kingdom.

Selecting the right powder coating company can be dependent on various factors, these being:

  • Locality
  • Turn-around time
  • Size and complexity of the order
  • Availability of transport
  • Cost

The most sensible approach is to utilise the services of a few quality companies, this way if an order cannot be filled or there are delays with a certain supplier, it will not have a dramatic effect.

If you would like more information on the local powder coating companies call 01909 563051 or email Chris on info@batchglow.co.uk