MDF for Exhibition work

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MDF Powder Coating
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Batchglow is proud to be associated with the launch of new Samsung S9 mobile Phone at the MWC in Barcelona.

Large volumes of MDF panels were supplied with a short lead time for the deadline of the exhibition’s launch date.

Through the use of our fast turnaround Powder coating product we were able to work to this limit and supply perfectly finished goods for the stand Installers.

The Powder Coating process is ideal for finishing large volumes of miscellaneously sized MDF panels. As the process does not involve any wet paints or the associated VOC’s it offers an environmentally sound finish. Total encapsulation of the edges offers the opportunity to router and sculpt the edges to suit the overall aesthetic appearance for the finished product.

Individual stands superstructure and internal desks and displays were all finished in Powder Coated MDF. Please see the below link to view the entire launch and our panelled products.

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