Private Country Residence

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Architectural Metalwork
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Private Country Residence
Unique coated surface for staircase
This is probably the most common form of coating. Used extensively in the aggressive environment of retail shopping outlets. Hardwearing and flexible it is used in significant quantities within the UK.
The customer delivered the stair rail and once complete was delivered by our own transport back to site in Derbyshire.
Our challenge
Our customer was adding an extension to his country mansion. In terms of size this extension was larger than a four bed roomed detached house and was of enormous personal importance to him. As a very successful businessman used to working within an industry with exacting standards he was not only used to getting his own way but also demanded ultra high standards. He took this mind set into designing this extension, which was of paramount importance to him. Having produced several swatches of different colours and discussing in length appearance and wear Batchglow were able to provide a unique colour finish in a material that is often used in the demanding environment of shop fitters. His unique spiral staircase was the proud result.