Batchglow has been a family owned and managed company almost from its start in 1981. Originally just occupying a single unit it has now grown into three adjacent units utilising over 16,000 square feet for the provision of high class and varied coatings for both trade and private customers. The current owner Chris Smart took over in 2006 and has strived to maintain the personal and professional service that has always been core to Batchglow.


We are conveniently situated just 5 minutes from Junction 31 of the M1. Close to Sheffield, Worksop and Rotherham.


Batchglow operate a 3 shift system so we are always able to react to the ‘just in time world’. Opening at 6.00am Monday until 2.00pm Fridays although no deliveries / collections after 12.00pm on Fridays.


Batchglow is committed to quality in all of its operations and to providing, as a standard of the company’s performance, service that meets the customer’s requirements and expectations.

It is the policy of the company to have in place a formally approved quality system and to establish and review objectives that measure the effectiveness of the system as such Batchglow is an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified company. Our objective is to ensure that an effective system is in place and that it is understood and followed throughout the company. Consistency through attention to detail is our ethos.


Batchglow will provide the following:

  • Great Service, The right product on time and as requested.
  • Hand crafted quality, to the agreed specification and to the customers’ expectations.
  • Highly competitive pricing achieved through experience and efficiencies.


As a local employer we are always interested in understanding what new personnel can bring to our forward thinking enterprise.


After nearly ten years in charge of Batchglow and even longer in the industry my philosophy is simple: Do as you say.

We exist as a company purely to service the needs of our customers. What you need is what we deliver, when you want it and for the agreed price.

We are open and straightforward in our approach. If we say we can do it we will.

We take the strain so you simply receive from us the gain.