MDF Powder Coating for Hotel and Contract furniture

Market Segment
MDF Powder Coating
End User
Sleeperz Hotel
Batchglow are very proud of our involvement in a brand new Sleeperz Hotel being built to accompany the V&A Museums purpose built premises in Dundee, Scotland.

Batchglow were approached to provide Powder coating finishes to all manner of room furniture on this multi Million pound project. Bed frames, headboards, wardrobes and shelving. All were coating in pre-approved and colour matched colours in direct consultation with our clients’ specific requirements.

The furniture parts were all manufactured in component form and powder coated over a 3 week period, therefore offering a quick and complete process for over 120 rooms.

Bright, modern colour pallets were selected and Batchglow through careful colour matching produced the pallet from which the rooms were ultimately produced.

Powder Coating was selected as it offered a quick, cost effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing finish to the MDF manufactured products.
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