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    MDF Powder Coating

    The finishing solution that's Quick, Flexible, cost effective and Eco friendly.

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    Any metal surface up to a maximum length of 7 meters can be coated by Batchglow. On the MDF side any board in the UK of standard length of 10ft X 4ft can be coated.

    The following six main coatings are a Batchglow specialty.

    • Polyester which is smooth and durable
    • Epoxy which is functional and tough
    • Nylon which is resistant to oils and solvents
    • Polymer which is a long term cost effective protective coating
    • Fusion Bonded Epoxy, FBE being used extensively in the construction industry
    • Full onsite Stripping and Shot Blasting facility

    Powder Coated MDF

    Batchglow are the only providers of powder coated MDF solutions in the United Kingdom. Powder coated solutions are typically used on metal substrates, offering a robust, long lasting and varied finish. Utilising this type of technology we can offer a similar service for finishing MDF components. Selecting a powder coated solution for your MDF will give you the following benefits:

    • Lightweight
    • Quick
    • Cost effective
    • Eco firendly

    Powder coated MDF can be used in a variety of applications such as bespoke furniture, point of sale or wall paneling.


    Why use us?

    A long established company with a focus that's exclusively on the coatings industry.Our attitude of assisting with your finishing problems are our opportunities ensure that you, the customer always come first. By doing exactly what we say, when we say, we always ensure that our customers keep coming back.

    100% Dedication to coatings

    No distraction, no compromises.

    Quick Turnaround

    Normally within 48 hours.

    Quality never compromised

    We take pride in supplying the best.

    Long Establishment

    We’ve ironed out all the problems.

    ISO 9001 certification

    Quality certified company.

    Innovative approach

    To engineering problems.

    Safety first

    Exemplary safety record.

    Transport service

    Available for your convenience.

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    The company supplies to an enormous customer base throughout the country the end user of its product offering being many household names including but not limited to the following.

    Batchglow is proud to ‘cover the High Street’. From the Buses and Trams driving down it to the shop fitting stands displaying the goods in it, shop signs to street furniture, we coat a massive variety of markets and products.

    • arcadia
    • marks & spencer
    • tnl
    • boots
    • bt
    • debenhams
    • primark