Bedroom Furniture

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MDF Powder Coating

End User

Bedroom Furniture


This company approached us to provide a tactile, bright and cost effective finish for their range of Children's furniture. The design included sculptured edges and rounded corners, giving an ergonomic touch and a soft feel to the draw fronts and wardrobe doors.

Batchglow is proud to offer the countries only customer made Powder Coating plant for the finishing of MDF with Powder. The product which is extensively used in mainland Europe and America offers the benefit of being able to put a high quality finish to high volumes of panel products. The finish is VOC free, Class 1 fire retardant and can be requested with Anti-Bacterial properties. Our solution allowed for the edges to be as envisaged by the designer. No need for edge banding, visually distracting edge lines or its associated issues. Total encapsulation of the MDF, adding feel and value to the project.

The customer had a major concern from a time and packaging point of view, all goods were flat packed and shipped into us palletised. We process the goods, protecting the finished panels and re palletised them. Simple, quick and cost effective.

Our challenge

Colour selection was one of the main issues with this project. The customer worked closely with us, discussing colour pallet selection and as a result we sourced specifically made powders for their exact requirement. Subsequently panels were processed quickly and efficiently in a consistent smooth decorative finish.

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