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Complete refurbishment of corroded chassis for a specialist TVR Garage
To provide firstly a completely clean chassis free from years of road salt, old paint and rust was the start of the project. Once the above is done, it can be inspected repaired where necessary then a new two coat painting system is applied. This offers a high level of protection to the chassis making it better than new.
The Chassis are dealt with on a regular basis, and are transported by our customer on his own vehicles.
Our challenge
This major refurbishment of a classic TVR is not undertaken lightly and represents a major capital investment by the cars owners. Working with our customer we aim to offer a better than new product in a short period of time. Often the chassis are heavily damaged by road salt and corrosion, this particularly harsh environment is not an easy area to protect against. Which is why careful attention has to be made to ensuring that the product selected would meet the requirements whilst ensuring the chassis and under car parts are coated in a consistent uniform manner.